Superior change is what happens when people get really bought in

What do you think Dr. John Kotter thinks about the role of 'buy-in' to achieve change?

"I think people are surprised at how well it works. It’s something that seems very simple, but it’s rare for organisations and senior leaders to work this way.

A lot of people who reach senior leadership ranks have been schooled in traditional management training. They recognise a need to change, pick a task force of people (maybe the head of HR, a couple of mid-level managers, a senior VP), assign the team their roles and instruct them to make it happen.

They don’t always articulate an opportunity for their organisation and then communicate it widely before pressing ahead. When they do, they’re often shocked to see how quickly changes can start happening.

Choice motivates people to be far more committed to driving change than being told they have to do it. It engages people who are passionate about making their organisation better, harnesses their enthusiasm and empowers them to drive change."

What's your experience of getting buy-in?

Many thanks to Sharlyn Lauby at the HR Bartender for her interview with Dr. John Kotter.