communicate persuasively through change.

We help companies get through change successfully. We do that by zeroing in on how you interact and communicate with people affected by the change. 

Every interaction and every message matters when you go through change.These interactions can involve employees, leadership teams, customers, even shareholders. So we support companies to ensure that the way they interact with their stakeholders results in the change they want.

Recent help I've provided includes :

-      Shaping a company’s change communications strategy that actively engaged over 500 IT professionals

-      Creating core messages and content for senior leaders so they articulated their change agendaconsistently across their global teams

-      Developing creative workshops that created high energy in the change programme from previously disengaged employees


(so in summary...)

I help business communicate very effectively through change, ......because to deliver change well, you have to have fantastic communications.

That’s what we help you do. Enable you to interact and communicate to implement change successfully.

From strategic planning to creative implementation, if your business is going through any type of change, remember that communication is critical. Ensure you land your change outcomes through communicating with impact.

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  • getting buy-in

    • employees on board with change

      • engaging 500+ employees in strategic approach to career development for a global chemical company

  • shaping strategy

    • delivering creative communications strategy and implementation plan across global IT transformation programme

  • developing talent

    • empowering agri-chemical business employees to drive their professional development by taking proactive control of their personal brand

  • building new business

    • winning a £multi-million IT services deal by crafting a differentiated client sales presentation, and coaching senior IT executives to deliver it with impact

  • growing capabilities

    • advanced presentation skills development for senior technical business product owners to drive higher levels of interaction and engagement with their clients 

If your business is facing any of these challenges, we can work with you to deliver the successful change to want.

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With experience of delivering communication strategies and people engagement activity over more than 200 business transformation programmes, we know how to help you become more influential and persuasive.

We also apply these principles of effective communication to drive inclusive leadership in organisations, working with women and men in, and aspiring to become, leaders of their organisations. 

“We ignite your business audience into action for the change outcomes you want through creative change communication expertise.”

3 steps to getting your message across

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