Our mission

We want to enable you to
explain your ideas persuasively
 to deliver outstanding results
to colleagues, businesses and society.


in a world of information overload, communicate your ideas so people pay attention, remember and take action.


We love working with individuals and teams to help them explain their great ideas persuasively.

What frustrates us enormously is when we see a message lost in the noise, with an audience not set up for action.

Whether it’s information overload or an instantly forgettable update, we feel sad that the individual has a disengaged audience, who will have no memory of the message within 5 minutes of hearing it..

To tackle this problem, we set up 'Influence and Persuade' to help people create very persuasive stories for their ideas. By working together to create a message from scratch, or give people the skills to do so through our training courses, we believe everyone has the right to know how to explain their messages persuasively.  So we have made it our mission to help people do just that. Then the idea can truly be judged on its' merits, not sentenced to death by its own bullets.