Wondering where all the Women In Tech are?


We're here

tackling key challenges

Well, 500 of them were with me in a room in London yesterday discussing the latest tech trends including AI & cobots, the tech industry and increasing inclusion. Beyond those 500 in the room, we were also joined by over 1,000 others virtually at the 2018 everywoman in Tech Forum: Energising Tomorrow’s World. Of course, there were men there too and very welcome.

It was truly an experience to be in a room with so many fascinating women, all contributing to the tech industry. With a range of expert speakers and intriguing panels, the day was extremely enlightening and uplifting. I've never experienced such a huge collection of feminine tech talent in one space. Amazing. I now know that the next couple of years will see tremendous development in tech through far more inclusive teams generating inclusive solutions that benefit all.

But this seminar also stood out for another reason.


Nowhere else have I seen a better understanding of the customer at an event by the venue itself. With so many female attendees, the gentlemen's conveniences had been reallocated temporarily to the ladies. Sounds like a common sense move by the organisers to address their specific customer needs. But this type of common sense is often sorely lacking at conferences.

So hats off, or should I say 'seats down' to the venue organisers for thinking through the overall customer experience. No more dashing back to the next sessions having wasted time in a bathroom queue, giving us all more time to learn and network. No queues for the gentlemen either as they were appropriately accommodated elsewhere.

One small adjustment to a sign, one giant leap for demonstrating real inclusion, in a very practical way, for the benefit of all.