Wondrous Women @ Work

Be an influential and persuasive woman
in the business landscape.

Be an influential and persuasive woman
in the business landscape. 


The Business Imperative

The Business Imperative

Hampton Alexander Review Nov 2016, FTSE Women Leaders


Bridging the UK gender gap in work has the potential to create 5-8% increase in UK GDP, equal to £150bn on top of business-as-usual. (Hampton Alexander Review Nov 2016, FTSE Women Leaders)

Businesses in the top quartile for levels of gender diversity are 15% more likely to outperform their rivals. (McKinsey, Diversity Matters 2015)

Our analysis shows that the overall difference between men and women’s earnings is 19.4% (mean) or 17% (median), based on hourly rates of pay at the snapshot date of 5 April, 2017. Like many others, our gap is primarily caused by having fewer women in senior grades and highly paid technical roles.
— Global IT Outsourcing Organisation, UK HR Director, 6 September 2017


To explain a great idea is hard.

To convince other people of its merits can be extremely challenging.  It doesn't have to be.

Building on rhetorical techniques dating back to the Roman masters of oratory such as Cicero, combined with our understanding today of the brain and how we absorb information, all complemented with effective use of the latest technologies to convey information and ideas, we strive to improve businesses and society through your captivating ideas. 





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