When you really need to be persuasive, what you say is key



THE SCIENCE & ART OF PERSUASIVE MESSAGE DESIGN to achieve successful buy-in to your ideas, plans and change


With 'Kipperology'© you can transform the effectiveness of your communications.    

As a Certified and licensed Kipper© Practitioner, with extensive experience in leading content creation workshops as well as one-to-one idea shaping, we work with you and your teams to create presentations with real impact.

Every communication you deliver has a purpose. You want your audience to listen, remember and act. We help you make that happen.

We can work with you on communication projects so that you deliver truly memorable content to your audiences, each and every time. Call us today for help.

We train you in the key skills of personal impact and persuasion. Book your space on our upcoming events.

The Kipper© has been licensed for use in the Kipperology Framework by  Gareth Bunn Consulting