gender balanced businesses make balanced business sense


how to get to 50 / 50

Bridging the UK gender gap in work has the potential to create 5-8% increase in UK GDP, equal to £150bn on top of business-as-usual.

Hampton Alexander Review Nov 2016, FTSE Women Leaders



With gender pay gap information in the public domain and ever increasing attention on gender balance in organisations from customers and shareholders, an organisation needs to create increasingly diverse and talented teams, to build a broader and stronger business that is more relevant to its’ customers.

Achieving a 50/50 gender balance in your organisation is not simply about making sure everybody is included. It is about enabling your best people to run your business.

Diverse, forward-thinking, enthusiastic employees with different viewpoints and varied experience will lead you toward a successful company.

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What makes our approach & workshops unique, is the very targeted focus, for each participant, on understanding their personal perspective in detail, and practicing, in a safe environment, tools and techniques that allow that individual to be the best leader that they can be, whether male or female.

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