STRUGGLING TO shape the winning sales presentation?



Provide your potential clients with impactful presentations that lead them to engage with you and not your competition.

Give us your proposal aim and audience, and we'll give you a persuasive and influential winning bid approach.

We will help you shape your key executive messages into a cohesive, persuasive and engaging client presentation that sets you apart from your competitors.

Whether you need hands-on support start to finish, or simply advice on a certain message, we can help.

  • from single service to multi-layered sales proposals

  • whatever the context, audience and messages

  • whatever your starting level in presenting style and personal confidence

You want your audience to listen, remember and buy you - not the competition.

The KIPPER© method for message design and delivery is certified and licensed through Gareth Bunn Consulting.

The KIPPER© method is part of our overall KIPPEROLOGY© approach.